Privacy Policy

Your personal data are processed by IA BILET SRL, with registered office in 3-5 Bd. Pierre de Coubertin, lot 3/1, Building Office Building, 5th floor, space S5-21, District 2, Bucharest, with unique registration number 30394071 and Trade Register Registration Number J40/7745/4.07.2012 (“”). undertakes to protect the confidentiality of your data, in compliance with the applicable legislation. This personal data processing policy regulates the collection, use, disclosure, maintenance, and protection of your personal information and data.

This Confidentiality Policy is part of the User’s Terms and Conditions of website and applies to the personal data collected by means of website and the associated mobile app, regardless of the manner of accessing or using them, including by means of mobile devices, as well as the data collected from other sources, in connection with the services (“Services”).

Each time we amend the personal data processing policy you shall be informed by publishing it on the website and you may choose at any time whether you wish to further use our services. The new personal data processing policy shall enter into force on the date of its display on the website

In order to use the Services, you must be at least 18 years old. By using the Services, filling in the details for creating your account and/or by accepting the Terms and Conditions, you guarantee that you are over 18 years old. recommends parents to take an active role in supervising the children’s on-line activity. If you consider that we have collected the personal details of a minor, please contact us at: dpo[at]

1. What information we collect about you

The personal data are information regarding the identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is the one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by referring to an identifier, such as a name, an identification number, details about the location or one or more physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity specific factors of that natural person.

Information that has been anonymised or pseudonimized, so that they cannot be used to identify a certain natural person is not personal data.

We collect personal data from you when you use our Services.

You must know that there are several types of information that we collect from users:

a) identification details and personal characteristics - the information that can identify you directly and can include, for instance, your last and first name, address, telephone number or email address.

b) other data that can be used indirectly for your identification - information that usually refer to the computer or mobile device from which you access services, the websites you visited, the services you accessed, the publicity (commercials) sent to you, the history of transactions, IP address, information about your Internet connection, etc.

Carrying out a ticket purchase

You may use the Services without creating an user account. Upon placing an order without being a registered user, you shall provide the last name, first name, mobile telephone and email, as well as a physical delivery address, if applicable.

If you carry out a ticket purchase via or by means of the physical selling places, we shall collect the personal data that we need in order to finalise your order and we shall notify you regarding the status of your order (if applicable). Furthermore, we shall notify you about any modification, re-schedule, cancellation or postponement of the event for which you purchased a ticket. If you shall purchase tickets on paper, from one of the places in our physical network, your data shall be collected at our expense by our partner operating that particular selling point, and they shall be safe, our partners processing personal data in line with our instructions, as proxies.

Upon carrying out the purchase, whether there is a user account or not, each ticket buyer has the possibility to decide whether he/she wants to receive commercial notifications, such as the weekly newsletter with recommendations from user account

You may choose to login on in order to obtain a user account, accessing the section “My account / Enter account / New account” of the website. You shall need an account if you wish to view the history of orders and to manage your vouchers.

When you create an account on, we require data such as the email address, last name, first name and telephone. These data are supplied directly by the user, in order to create a valid account and they are necessary for the provision of our Services. The physical address is necessary only for the delivery of the printed tickets and it is not provided upon creating the account but on carrying out an order of tickets in physical format.

All the contact data are necessary for us to send you the ticket electronically and/or physically and to offer you the possibility to identify yourself correctly. The situations when it is necessary to identify you by additional means and to validate your identity in another manner could emerge in the case of a reimbursement of the equivalent value for the tickets, in case of postponement, cancellation or because, due to personal reasons, you cannot come to the event and you require the return of the money, in line with the Terms and Conditions of In this case, we shall process your banking details (IBAN code) in order to make the appropriate payments.

Payment by card

If you decide you pay by card, by clicking on the button Choose on the Mastercard and Visa logos, you understand and agree that:

  • you shall leave interface and shall be redirected to the interface of the payment processor with LibraPay card;
  • Any data you shall insert on LibraPay website/interface shall be subjected to Libra Bank Confidentiality Policy;
  • The data inserted in the LibraPay website/interface shall be saved by Libra Bank within the European Community;
  • Libra Bank shall be responsible for the processing of the data supplied by you on LibraPay website/interface.

Contests / Surveys / Correspondence can obtain information from you when you participate in a contest or a promotion on the website, on the mobile application or on website of one of the social medias (e.g.: Facebook, Instagram etc.). The information can contain personal data. Participation in surveys is completely voluntary. If you contact us for any reason (for instance, to report an error on the website), we shall keep proof of this correspondence, the correspondence that could include personal data.

Sensitive personal information does not collect sensitive personal information.

Using our services / Marketing messages from can collect information about your use of our services. Moreover, we can collect information about the marketing messages we send you and about the manner in which you respond to them / the actions that you carry out regarding them.

Moreover, we can collect personal data from other sources, as detailed below.

2. How we collect information about you**

We collect information about you in three manners:

a) Directly - when you register on; when you subscribe to the newsletter; when you buy tickets from the events listed on the website, either on-line, or from the physical sales points, by means of our contractual partners; when you contact us and request an answer or when you interact directly with us. That is why it is very important to remember that, if other persons use your computer/mobile device, you must log out upon completing the browsing section. Otherwise, any person with access to your devices can have automatic access to all the information that you provided us or that we provided to you (for instance, the tickets and vouchers saved in your account).

b) Automatically - when you use the services of on-line, we collect information by means of cookies and by logging your activity. Mainly, we collect information about your equipment and connection, such as the statistics regarding page displays, the traffic to and from the website, history of transactions. For more information regarding the use of cookies, please consult the information on the website (Policy for the use of cookies).

Furthermore, if you have priorly provided personal information, we automatically associate the information with other information we collect from your user account any time you log in, so that we can identify you on as many devices and browsers, offering you the same browsing experience, regardless of the medium you connect on.

c) From third parties - we can also obtain information about you from third parties. We can obtain information about you from third parties operating data by means of cookies, such as, for instance: your contractual partners operating the physical points for the sale of tickets, publicity networks, social medias, market surveying companies, etc.

Please remember that you can at any moment require to erase you account, by sending us an email on dpo[at] Once you require this from us, you can no longer access your account, nor the information saved based on it (for instance, information connected to your already purchased tickets for completed or future events).

3. How we use the information about you

We use your personal data mainly to provide and improve our Services, to offer you a pleasant experience on our website, to contact you regarding the activity on your account and to offer you assistance services regarding the Services.

For this purpose, we (and our service providers) can use your personal data for a range of purposes. For instance, we can use the information:

  • to provide the Services and products you requested;
  • to create an user account;
  • to measure the traffic and for the customization of the Services we offer you;
  • to customize the advertisements we display;
  • to answer to your requests and comments;
  • to prevent and solve disputes;
  • to inform you regarding postponements, re-scheduling, cancellations or modifications of certain events for which you have acquired a ticket;
  • to pay amounts that we or the event organizers owe you, if applicable;
  • to allow you to participate in various interactive activities (e.g. contests);
  • to be able to offer technical assistance connected to the Services;
  • to be able to communicate administrative announcements and messages;
  • to send you newsletters and information about products, Services, and promotions regarding us or the other companies or organisations we work with; Remember that in order to receive the newsletter it is necessary to subscribe (OPT-IN) when you buy a ticket or separately on the front page of the website
  • to use certain technologies (such as Facebook Customized Audiences) by means of which we deliver publicity on other websites, basing the personal data supplied by you or third party services to whom you gave this right;
  • to recognize the devices that you use when accessing and associate them to your profile;
  • to cash in payments from you and issue appropriate invoices;
  • to send you the ticket (via SMS/application/courier).
  • to display you name on access scanners to events where the ticket is scanned (for locations where table reservations are made in order to be led to the table)
  • to allow you to distribute information on social media
  • to prevent, detect, fight against and investigate frauds, security violations or other potentially forbidden or illegal activities
  • to enforce the Terms and Conditions for using the website.

Therefore, the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract you are a part of, it is necessary for the purpose of meeting a legal obligation of the operator or it is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by the operator or a third party, except for when the interests or fundamental rights and liberties of the person targeted prevail, which requires the protection of personal data.

With your consent we can use your personal data in order to send you commercial communications by email or SMS. You have the right to withdraw the consent at any moment.

We process your personal data only for the purpose we have communicated. If we use them for other purpose, they shall be used only by informing you or with your consent, as applicable.

Your data are not public and cannot be seen by other users of the website.

4. How and with whom we exchange information about you

We disclose your personal data to certain third parties in compliance with the applicable legislation. This disclosure can be necessary so that we offer you access to our services, comply with the legal obligations, carry out or optimize marketing and publicity activities or to prevent, detect, fight against and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities regarding our services. We try to minimise the quantity of personal data we disclose to what is relevant and necessary to meet the specified purpose.

Service providers, in order to meet certain functions connected to activity. For instance, our service providers can offer services such as research, analysis, website hosting, execution of transactions, maintenance of the database, contest management, service provision and technological platforms, deliveries and payment processing. Usually, when we supply personal information to these companies, we take special care to share only the information these companies need in order to fulfil the functions, expressly agreeing that the information can be used only when the carrying out of services in our favour is necessary. Similarly, we take measures to request our service providers to protection the personal information sent.

For the processing of payments by card, we use the specialised services provided by authorised payment processors, such as LibraPay; payments shall be carried out directly on the processor’s website, supplies the data of the transaction but does not remember the card details, the payment being executed exclusively via the processor, your data being processed only by it.

We share with the postal and courier service providers your data necessary for the carrying out of the delivery of the products ordered and of other communications connected strictly to the delivery.

Service providers for the conveyance of messages via e-mail or SMS. For a good efficiency, part of the e-mail or SMS messages are sent via specialised services (MailChimp / AmazonWebServices / Twilio), the messages are sent only at the operator’s ( request based on our instructions, and the reports are maintained in the operator’s personal account.

Providers of technical services, programming, accounting, legal assistance services, banks, and other business partners when they are necessary for the execution of a contract or when there is a legitimate interest of our company, without affecting the rights of the person targeted and in compliance with the safety measures necessary.

Third party companies who have your personal data separately: it is possible to share information about the use of services with third party companies to whom you supply/have supplied separately personal data (for instance, if you created an user account

with them). In these situations, we may complete the data they have about you by using or sharing a common identifier that can indirectly identify you.

Locations, operators, events organizers: We supply personal data (including information regarding your identity), to organizers, events operators, establishments and event promoters so that it shall allow your access inside the establishments (or at the place for the carrying out of the events) or to solve potential problems connected to your participation/reservation. In compliance with the agreement with our company, these can use your personal data only for the above-mentioned purposes.

Loyalty programs operators: The electronic ticket service of offer clients the possibility to connect the transactions carried out on with the reward/loyalty programs of certain events operators, events promoters or other companies that offer loyalty rewarding programs. When you indicate you wish for such a connection to be made, it is possible to share the information about the transactions or other personal data that belong to you (including information regarding your identity) with the loyalty program operator.

Social media: you can interact with certain facilities of services which can determine the publishing of your personal information (last name, first name) on social media. Thus, certain personal data collected by can be in common with your personal data on social media and for which you give the right to share. Remember that Facebook page can collect information about you, even if you do not permanently access that page.

Mobile, electronic devices or other applications for devices: it is possible to share information (including information regarding your identity and the manner in which you use the mobile applications or applications for electronic devices) with mobile telephone operators, technology providers, analysis service providers or operators of platforms, operating systems or other mobile, electronic devices or other applications developed for specific devices.

Opt-Ins: On certain pages within we can place opt-in options to receive communications from companies with which we have commercial relations. If you opt in to receive these communications, or accept to distribute your personal data to those companies, then we can disclose to them the personal information that can identify you.

Contests: We can disclose publicly the name and city of the winners of contests and raffles, if this is allowed by the regulations of those particular publicity campaigns, with which you have priorly agreed, by participating.

Selling our activity or assets: if we sell the entire company or part of it/its assets, or are involved in a merger or business transfer, it is possible to share your personal data with third parties, in compliance with our confidentiality standards, including for the purpose of assessing the opportunity of such an operation, as well as for the purpose of implementing it. If such an event occurs, we partially or fully transfer your personal data to the acquirer, which shall initially take over entirely the obligations set down for us in this Confidentiality Policy. Subsequently, the confidentiality policies of the acquiring entity can regulate the subsequent use and collection of your personal data.

Disputes / Rights defence / Requests of data from the authorities: We can use or disclose your personal data, fully or partially, in order to cooperate with or support public authorities (including tax bodies, criminal prosecution bodies and courts of law), as a response to an official request. We shall disclose the information that we consider relevant

for the investigation or which are explicitly requested. At the same time, we shall disclose the data when it is necessary for the purpose of defending the rights of under the law, including in connection with or to prevent suspected or possible fraud. Moreover, we can use or disclose your personal data to third parties involved in a judicial or administrative procedure, if they provide a court decision or the decision of that administrative body. In order to remove all doubts, we specify that if we shall receive a request from the competent bodies of the state by which the disclosure of certain personal data of the users is imposed, under the law, we are obliged to obey it.

5. Additional information regarding how and with whom we exchange information about you

It is possible to collaborate with third party publicity networks or with company for market study, in order to present to you advertisements by means of on-line services or in order to help us assess the use of on-line services, the view of advertisements and another type of content. These third party companies can view, edit, or set their own technologies, tracking cookies, which shall allow them to collect information about the manner in which you interact with the content and publicity while you use services. The use of these technologies to third party companies is subjected to their own confidentiality policies and it is not covered by this confidentiality policy.

6. How do we protection your personal data implemented adequate security, technical, and administrative measures, in order to decrease the risks generated by the processing of personal data.

We assure you that we maintain both the procedures, and the technical/access rules to services at a very high standard, with the purpose of protecting your personal data against loss, incorrect use or access, disclosure, unauthorised modification or destruction.

As part of our continuous commitment before data safety, shall:

  • eliminate, remove, or destroy electronic or printed data, after which they are no longer needed.
  • periodically carry out risk assessment for all computer systems.
  • take an inventory and manage the computer systems throughout their lifetime.
  • train the staff regarding data safety.
  • grant access rights depending on the job responsibility.
  • ensure that service providers have concluded adequate agreements with our company regarding the confidentiality of personal data.
  • use safety solutions regarding the computer systems in order to protect them against malware or virus attacks.
  • keep back-ups for the critical information in order to avoid data loss.
  • regularly apply safety patches in order to protect the systems against vulnerabilities.
  • respond to safety incidents in a consistent manner and in due time.
  • monitor the network traffic in order to identity harmful or suspicious activities, in order to rapidly identify and respond to threats.

Some of the protection measures that we use are firewalls, the regular application of safety patches, control of physical access to the datacenter and controlled authorised access to information.

All servers run versions of up-to-date operating systems and of applications.

Regarding the physical safety of the equipment, these are collocated in datacenter.

The insurance of the data against involuntary loss consists in the storage on redundant media, daily backup of the systems and continuous backup for the databases.

Unfortunately, no data transmission is guaranteed as being 100% safe. It is possible for third parties, which are not under our control to intercept or illegally access private transmissions or communications. Consequently, any transmission of information regarding the personal identity shall be done at one’s own risk. If you observe any irregularity and consider that we can help you, please request our help at dpo[at]

Please remember that you must maintain the password with which you authenticate on confidential.

If you believe that your interaction with any of services is no longer safe, contact us at dpo[at]

Username and passwords

It is important to protect and maintain the safety of any account; immediately notify us about any unauthorised use of your account. Do not disclose the password to other persons!

7. Transfer of data to third party countries

The information that we collect about you can be transferred or saved at destinations outside the European Economic Area. Moreover, there can be situations when the processing of your data can be carried out by persons (employees of service providers for located outside the European Economic Area. By supplying your personal data to you agree with all the issues mentioned above, in this paragraph.

The transfer of your personal data to third party countries shall be done based on adequate guarantees.

The use of services such as RollBar, Groove, Twilio, Typeform, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, MailChimp, Streamyard Inc., Zapier Inc., PayU and Google for the processing of your personal data can entail their transfer outside the European Economic Area. For this purpose, our company and the above-mentioned entities have joined conventions regarding the processing of personal data which include standard contractual clauses approved by the European Committee. You can research them here:

RollBar –
Groove –
Twilio –
Typeform –
Amazon Web Services –
Facebook –
MailChimp -
Streamyard Inc. –
Zapier Inc. –
PayU -
Google –

8. Your rights and choices

Communication preferences and unsubscription options (OPT-OUT)

If you subscribed to one or more newsletters and do not wish to receive them, you can unsubscribe. Select the link below any message to unsubscribe from marketing and promotion emails. However, please remember that you can unsubscribe from some strictly necessary messages connected to the use of services.

Mobile applications

The download of application for mobile devices is done from specialised Stores for each operating system (e.g.: iOS, Android). In the installation process, depending on the operating system of the device, you shall be required the acceptance for various data that you share with us: location, push notification, etc. You can choose to accept or not these options. You can give up the mobile application at any time by uninstalling it from the operating system. In order to validate access to an event by presenting the tickets from the application it is necessary to authenticate with the details of the account in the application installed on your device. We recommend you to not authenticate with account on devices that do not belong to you, as you cannot control at the level of the device what happens with your data subsequently, even if you log out.

Publicity / cookies and similar technologies

For more information about the use of cookies and similar technologies on our on-line services (including stopping options), consult the section intended for the use of cookies on website.

Right to be informed

You have the right to know what personal data we process about you.

The persons targeted have the right to be informed regarding the processing of their personal data. Based on this personal data processing policy, the users of the Services are informed regarding the identity and contact data of the operator, purposes of the processing of the personal data and the legal grounds for the processing, categories of recipients of the personal data, transfer to third party countries or international organisations, the period for storing the data, as well as the rights they have.

Access rights

The users have the right to obtain from us a confirmation that the personal data regarding them are processed or not, and if yes, the access to those data and the appropriate informing.

Upon the users’ requests, we supply a copy of the personal data that are the subject of the processing. For any other copies requested, we can charge a reasonable fee, based on administrative costs. The information shall be provided in electronic form, currently used. We reserve the right to not answer to obvious unjustified, excessive, or repeated requests.

Right to remedy

If your personal data are incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to update them or to request us to update them.

The user can request the rectification of inexact personal data, respectively the completion of the personal data that are incomplete, including through the supply of an additional statement.

Right to opposition

You have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data, each time when the processing is carried out by us pursuant to the legitimate interest pursued by our company.

The user has the right to oppose at any moment, due to justified and legitimate reasons connected to its specific situation in which he/she is, as data that target him/her to be the object of a processing pursuant to the operator’s legitimate interest, having the right to oppose including the creation of profiles. In case of justified opposition, the processing cannot target the data in question.

Right to remove data (“right to be forgotten”)

The user can request the removal of the personal data that concern them, in case on of the following reasons applies:

  • the personal data are no longer necessary for the execution of the purposes for which they were selected or processed;
  • the user withdraws their consent based on which the processing takes place and there is no other legal grounds for the processing;
  • the user opposes the processing, in the case of processing carried out based on a legitimate interest;
  • the personal data were illegally processed;
  • the personal data must be removed for the compliance with a legal obligation that rests with the operator;

In line with the legal provisions, the obligation to remove the user’s data does not apply to the extent to which the processing is necessary:

  • for the exercise of the right to free expression and information;
  • for the compliance with a legal obligation or for the execution of a task exercised for the public interest;
  • due to reasons for the public interest in the field of public health;
  • for archiving purposes for the public interest, for purposes of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes or
  • for the conclusion, exercise, or defence of a right before the court of law.

Right to restrict the processing

The user has the right to obtain the containment of the processing in case of the following cases applies:

  • the user disputes the accuracy of the data, for a period that allows us to verify the accuracy of the data;
  • the processing is illegal, and the user opposes the removal of the personal data, requiring in exchange the containment of their use;
  • we no longer need the personal data for the purpose of processing, but the user requests them for the conclusion, exercise, or defence of a right before the court of law;
  • the user has opposed the processing, for the period of time during which it is verified whether the legitimate rights of the operators prevail over the ones of the person targeted.

The removal of your personal data or the containment of the manner in which we process them shall have as a consequence the impossibility of using the Services.

Right to data portability

The user has the right to receive the personal data that concern them and the ones that they supplied to the operator in a structured form, used currently and can be read automatically and has the right to send the data to another operator, without obstacles from the operator to whom the personal data were sent, if:

  • the processing is based on a consent or on a contract and
  • the processing is carried out by automated means.

In exercising its right to data portability, the user has the right to have the personal data sent directly from the operator to another where this is technically possible.

If you exercise this right, you shall receive the data requested on email.

Right to be subjected to an automated individual decision-making process

The users have the right to request and obtain the withdrawal/cancellation/re-assessment of any decision that causes legal effects regarding them, enforced exclusively based on a processing of personal data, carried out by automated means, intended to assess certain aspects of its personality, such as the professional competence, credibility, behaviour or any other such aspects.

Right to come before the courts of law

Without damaging the possibility to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority regarding the personal data protection, the users have the right to come before the courts of law for defending any rights guaranteed under the law, which were violated.

If the user suffers a prejudice based on the processing of personal data, carried out illegally, they can come before the competent court of law for its remedy.

For any request connected to the use of your personal data, you can contact us at:

Email: dpo[at]

Address: 5-7 Pierre de Coubertin, lot 3/1, Building Office Building, 5th floor, space S5-21, District 2, Bucharest.

We encourage you to make sure that the personal data supplied to our company are complete and accurate. Our team shall take all steps necessary for the purpose of solving as quickly as possible your requests.

According to the legislation in the field of personal data protection, the response deadline is of 30 days. If, depending on the complexity of the request we cannot implement the measures requested in a period shorter than one month, this period shall be extended, in line with the applicable legislation, by maximum 60 days. In this situation, you shall receive a notification within maximum 30 days as of sending the request, regarding the reasons for the delay.

However, we can refuse your requests in certain cases, to the extent to which they are unfounded, in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Maintenance and removal of data. Applicable deadlines

We can keep your data as long as you use services and for a reasonable amount of time subsequently, as long as it is necessary to make sure of the compliance with the legal obligations, the optimal settlement of disputes and the implementation of our policy. Please remember that some or all the data you supplied us with can be necessary for services to correctly operate and it is possible to be obliged to keep certain information under the law.

After it is no longer necessary to keep your personal data, we shall decide the safe removal, in compliance with our data maintenance and removal policies. If you wish to give up the account, to the extent to which the data shall no longer be necessary for the compliance with the legal requirements in force and for the protection of the legal rights and interests of, these shall be removed or anonymised.

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned, your personal data included in the accounting records and supporting documents that are at the bae of the registrations in the financial accounting shall be kept in the archive of the company for 10 years, starting as of the date of the completion of the financial year during which they were drawn up.

The anonymised data shall be used strictly for the subsequent statistical analyses.

9. Agreement for the processing and transfer of information about you services shall be regulated and operated in compliance with the laws in Romania and of the European Union.

If you are outside Romania, please be aware that the information collected, including personal information, can be transferred, processed, stored, and used in Romania.

10. Links to other websites and services

On website you can find connections to other websites. These websites operate independently from other website and have their own notifications, statements, or policies of confidentiality and personal data processing. We recommend you review them in order to understand how the personal data are processed in connection to those websites, as we are not responsible for the content of the website which do not belong or which are not managed by us or for the use or confidentiality policies of the websites.

11. Cloud can store your personal data on the cloud. This means that your personal data may be processed on our behalf by the cloud service provider and can be stored in various locations in the world. We shall enforce organisational and contractual measures in order to protect your personal data and in order to impose similar requirements, but not less restrictive for our cloud service providers, including requirement in line with which the personal data shall be processed exclusively for the purposes indicated above.

12. Contact us

For any questions regarding this Confidentiality Policy, please contact us at dpo[at]